31 julio, 2012

Sexism or who are my neighbours?

To Delphine.

This post is dedicated for one of my British friends. (better British French). The topic does not have to do with her but I wanted to write something in English for her.
We are in the Bourdeax's campsite and we have a "bus" in front of us. It is a motorhome but it is as large as a bus. I am not exagerating. I have looked for this model in the Internet. I have just got the picture in the Internet but not the price.

Who are they? They are a couple with two little girls. Who can have a motorhome like this? How much does it cost? What does he do to can afford this vehicle? How much does he earn?
Its car number plate is British. I imagine that he must be a very rich businessman. As soon as I thought this I realized that my thought was a sexist thought. Why did I think about him and not about her?
Maybe she is a very wealthy heiress.
It was only a minute later I realized it was other sexist idea.
Can't a woman be very rich because her job?


I paid the campsite by credit card. When I pay by credit card I always get a message from my bank. Realising about that, a French woman who is in charge in the campsite, asked me whether I have to pay for this service or not.

Then she began joking about that:

“It is a great service. If the wife is spending money buying clothes, her husband can know it immediately.”
I am not the only one who has sexist thoughts.

(¿Se dirá así en inglés “yo no soy el único”?)

4 comentarios:

  1. Thanks for writing in English for me!!
    Now I will have to return the favour and I am not sure it will be very pretty!

    I was ping to comment on your post but then I thought I would discriminate against some groups of people.

  2. Having a blog about culture clashes, you can write about what Spaniards are like and what differefences you found between them and the Bristishs and the Frenchs
    Y por si acaso lo digo en español.

    Teniendo un blog sobre choque de culturas tú podías hablar de cómo son los españoles y cuales son las diferencias con los franceses y británicos.

  3. ¿Y tan cara es la caravana esa? Yo diría que la mayoría de las casas de ladrillo son más caras y sin embargo hay mucha gente - de la hoy todavía conocida como clase media - que tiene una segunda vivienda.

  4. Llevas razón. Un autobús de esos debe tener un precio parecido a una segunda vivienda. Es la costumbre -no ajena a mi, yo tengo una- de la segunda vivienda la que lleva a ver ésta como "normal" y la otra como "un lujo exagerado".

    Llevas razón.


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