17 noviembre, 2015

My other English teacher.

She is a nice girl but I don’t think she is what I was looking for.

I am talking about my English teacher. I usually take classes at Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, but now I am talking about other teacher, the teacher of the class that I have started to take in an Private School.  She is a very young native speaker from the U.K. But she is not a teacher, she is a person who can speak English because she is British, but I will not go on paying 15 euros per hour, if I have only that.

She is a nice girl but sometimes she is yawning while I am talking. She does not open her mouth but some people can yawn without open their mouth. 

Time from time she looks to her wristwatch. I know that she is not very interested in my presentation but I would like she pretends.

She is a nice girl, however I am going to say to the school boss that I want to change my teacher. 

1 comentario:

  1. If your teacher yawns, do not hesitate, change it to a more competent. Once I had a psychologist who asked me to tell my personal story. That did it for two days, but telling, as expected, what I felt like. Sessions were three quarters of an hour. And the second day I saw him yawning. I told myself. Bye. A professional should be with all his mental power with the customer. If not, bye. Fuck. You have not talked about your parents or transcendental themes. I think that defining your world. I hope that surprised me.


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